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Budapest City Council Hits Self-Imposed Deadline on Fudan

picture of Budapest City Council

After a heated debate broke out in early September over the government’s plans to construct a campus of Fudan University on the site reserved for the Student City project, the Budapest City Council, prompted by action taken by opposition party Democratic Coalition, gave an ultimatum to the government that expired on Sunday, writes Népszava.

According to the terms of this ultimatum, Budapest will refuse to be the host city of the 2023 World Athletics Championships if any one of the following three conditions is met: the Fudan Foundation is officially awarded the South Ferencváros site originally promised to Student City, the implementation of the previously-adopted Southern City Gate project is deemed “irreversibly impossible,” or if the government does not ensure the payment of a HUF 10 billion tranche of the HUF 50 billion amount previously agreed upon for the development of primary care and outpatient care in the capital by October 31.

However, sponsorship agreements for this year’s Healthy Budapest initiatives have still not been signed, and some of the beneficiary municipalities have not even been contacted about the matter, said health adviser Gábor Havasi in a debate in the Budapest General Assembly last week.


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