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Groups Representing Local Governments Not in Agreement Over Vaccine Mandates

As reported yesterday, the Hungarian government’s new measures on combating the Coronavirus pandemic give individual localities the power to decide whether or not to mandate the vaccine for workers of companies and institutions run by local governments.

However, leaders of organizations representing local governments are not in agreement on what action to take, despite new data that indisputably indicates that the fourth wave of Covid is about to hit Hungary hard, with a huge spike in infections and hospitalizations expected.

Index spoke with Jenő Schmidt of the National Association of Local Governments, who generally approved of the government letting local governments make the decision on mandating the vaccine for workers at institutions under their control.

However, the news site also spoke with György Gémesi, President of the Hungarian Local Government Association and mayor of Gödöllő, who felt that the job of local governments could have been eased with more information ahead of time.

“We mayors only learned from press reports of the Government Info briefing on Thursday afternoon that we would be granted the power to make vaccines mandatory for our workers,” said Gémesi, who said that the government’s decision appeared rushed and not properly thought through. [Index]

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