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Government Publishes Text of New Measures to Combat Coronavirus

The Official Gazette has published new protective measures announced by the government yesterday to combat the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As expected, starting on November 1, facemasks will be required on all public transportation, in train stations, and at all stops, with exceptions made for those under the age of 6, the mentally disabled, or those on the autism spectrum.

In addition, employers will be able to set a 45-day deadline for all of their unvaccinated workers to get the vaccine. If an employee does not receive their first shot within this deadline, then the employer will be empowered to put the worker on unpaid leave, and can dismiss them if the worker does not receive a shot within a year.

Public workers can also be expected to be vaccinated, but local mayors will be able to make a decision on their own on the matter. [Index]

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