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Government Urges Hungarians to Get Third Covid Shot

The fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is already upon us, and the delta variant of the virus poses the most risk to the unvaccinated, writes the Government Information Center. The site sent out emails to vaccinated Hungarians in the government’s database urging them to receive a booster shot, as the protection that vaccines provide begin to wane after only a few months.

Imre Kacskovics, dean of ELTE University’s Natural Sciences Faculty, stated on M1 Television yesterday that one reason Covid cases may begin growing in Hungary is because the two vaccine shots that many people received is not providing enough protection for them anymore. This is why experts believe that everyone should get their third booster shot after 4-6 months, states the immunologist.

Since restrictions were lifted in Hungary a few months ago, the number of vaccinations have only minimally increased in the country. [HVG]

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