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Áder Believes He Did a Good Job as President

János Áder, whose term as President of Hungary will end on May 9, gave a farewell interview to Magyar Nemzet, telling the Hungarian daily that he will depart with a “calm heart,” believing that he has fulfilled his main duties in the role.

When asked about “having to face continuous ‘opposition provocation’ to prove that he truly represented every Hungarian,” Áder responded:

Everyone is hurt by insults and undeserved attacks. But a politician only has to pay attention to whether the decision he made is proper from a humane, moral, and legal point of view. In 2012, when I was elected, a key part of my speech in the National Assembly was that I would undertake to represent Hungarian interests and values. Looking back over the last ten years, I can say with a calm heart, on behalf of myself and my colleagues, that we have fulfilled this commitment.


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