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Gov’t Uses Bomb Imagery to Dramatize Effect of Sanctions on Hungary

picture of sanctions bomb

The government released on Friday the content of the series of questions which it calls a “national consultation,” consisting of a total of seven questions:

  • Do you agree with oil sanctions from Brussels?
  • Do you agree with sanctions on gas deliveries?
  • Do you agree with the sanctions on raw materials?
  • Do you agree with the sanctions on nuclear fuel sanctions?
  • Do you agree that the Paks construction project should also be covered by the sanctions?
  • Do you agree with sanctions that restrict tourism?
  • Do you agree with the sanctions that cause food prices to rise?

According to HVG, not only does the “consultation” have no practical use and is expensive, but the questions are not based on factual information. Essentially, the government is “consulting” with fake news and non-existent sanctions.

On Saturday, the government sent a message with an even stronger image, showing a bomb with the word “sanctions” written on it. This is at a time when there is daily news about civilian targets being bombed in neighboring Ukraine, including playgrounds and residential buildings far from military targets.

picture of sanctions bomb
“The sanctions from Brussels are ruining us!”

The picture was first published as a post, but was deleted and then became the cover picture for the Hungarian Government’s Facebook page. [HVG]

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Detreköy

    Hungary has been groomed to accept the primitive public scare-messaging by the Orbán governments through 12 years. They have also grown accustomed to the government’s preference of Russian oligarchy businesses, “Our (white) Christian friends”, over the “Brussels liberal Jews”.
    Still, it could be interesting to know what people really think about maintaining that strategy today – Something the national questionaires are designed not to answer.

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