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Medián: Majority of Budapest Residents Blame Gov’t for Current Crisis

Twenty-two percent of Fidesz voters living in the capital rate the government’s efforts as either failing or nearly so, according to a Medián poll published in Hvg360.

The telephone-based poll of 1,000 people found that every second resident of Budapest expects life to be less affordable in the near future, and a third are concerned that they won’t be able to pay their utility bills. 69% of the respondents did not agree with the government increasing electricity and gas prices for above-average consumers, with a quarter claiming that the new price structure would cause them “unbearable difficulties.”

A majority blamed Russia and the government for the crisis, including one in four voters for the ruling Fidesz party.

Most Budapest residents also believe that the government is not handling the crisis well: on a five-point scale, 43% gave the government a one, while 11% gave it a two. Even 22% of Fidesz supporters evaluated the government’s crisis management efforts with a grade of one or two. [Telex]

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