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Ungár’s News Site Azonnali Shutting Down

News site, started in 2017 by LMP politician Péter Ungár and Gábor Gerényi, will be shutting down, Media1 announced.

Ungár did not comment to Media1, but Gerényi told them that the matter had essentially been decided. The site had been losing money for years, said Gerényi, and its prospects had become bleak. He added that good people had worked there, and he hoped they would be able to find employment elsewhere.

Media1 also reported that another site owned by Péter Ungár, Úgytudjuk, was likewise facing an uncertain future.

Veteran journalist András Kósa became editor-in-chief of Azonnali last fall, having previously worked at Magyar Nemzet, HVG, VS, and Népszava. Kósa simply told Media1 that he was currently on vacation. [Magyar Hang]

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