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DK: European Commission Investigating Whether Highway Concession Violates EU Law

The European Commission is investigating whether the Orbán regime’s highway concession violates EU law, announced Sándor Rónai, DK’s representative in the European Parliament, on social media on Thursday. As he wrote:

We learned in May that groups associated with Orbán’s oligarchs, [Lőrinc] Mészáros and László Szíjj, were awarded the right to operate Hungarian highways for 35 years. However, we have not been able to find out since then what calculations the government used to justify the several trillion-forint business, whether it was a good deal for Hungarians, or if it was just another theft. It stinks from afar, which is why I have brought the issue to the attention of the European Commission. And Ursula von der Leyen has just informed me that the Commission is investigating the deal, specifically, whether the 35-year motorway concession violates EU law.

[Magyar Hang]

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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Official paperwork and administration in Orbánistan is designed to keep the EU busy, running procedures for defining what is real and what is lies.

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