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Parliament to Vote on Urgent Bill Doubling Prime Minister’s Salary Tomorrow

The National Assembly is in session for two days, and in addition to speeches and questions, Parliament is debating a recently-submitted 61-page bill that will double Viktor Orbán’s salary.

Under the proposal, the Prime Minister would receive the same amount of remuneration as the Speaker of Parliament. At the moment, Orbán earns 1.5 million Ft. (US $3,900) per month, while Speaker László Kövér receives 3.5 million Ft. ($9,100).

In addition, Orbán is also entitled to a basic monthly salary of 1.3 million Ft. ($3,400) as a Member of Parliament. The majority of ministers in the current government make around 2 million Ft. ($5,200) a month.

Parliament is discussing the bill doubling Orbán’s salary with particular urgency, and may vote on the matter on Tuesday.

Also part of the proposal is granting Viktor Orbán the power to decide on the salaries of an array of government officials, including ministers, state secretaries, and government commissioners..

Until now, the law dictated that the pay of political senior leaders was to be adjusted to the average monthly gross salary as determined by the Central Statistical Office. This may also come to a vote on Tuesday. [Telex]

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