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After Putin and Lukashenko, Orbán Most Disliked by Ukrainians

A new poll conducted by Ukrainian pollster Rating has found that after the Russian and Belarusian Presidents, Ukrainians feel most negatively about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, reports Mandiner.

The survey revealed that 98% of Ukrainians have a completely negative opinion about Vladimir Putin, but Alexander Lukashenko is not far behind at 95%.

By comparison, far fewer Ukrainians dislike the Hungarian head of government: 33% of respondents have completely negative feelings about him, while 20% feel somewhat negatively about him. 15% of them have somewhat positive feelings for Orbán, and only 5% feel completely positive towards him.

20% of Ukrainians were unfamiliar with the Hungarian Prime Minister, and 7% of them found it hard to answer the question.

Survey respondents felt most positively about Polish President Andrzej Duda (92%), British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (89%), and US President Joe Biden (89%).

1,200 people were interviewed by phone in every county in Ukraine except for Russian-occupied Crimea and Donetsk Basin, as well as in areas where the Ukrainian mobile network is currently inoperable because of the war. [444]

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