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Ryanair Now Asking Passengers to Protest Directly to Hungarian Government Over “Extra-Profit” Tax

Dear Passenger,

The Hungarian Govt. has recently imposed a baseless and unjustified “extra profits” tax at short notice, on the airline sector suffering record losses, so we need your support, to have this idiotic and unfair tax on our passengers scrapped.

read an email that Ryanair sent to its passengers on Wednesday, urging them to write a letter of protest to Economic Development Minister Márton Nagy over the “extra-profit” tax, has learned.

The new tax has caused quite a bit of back and forth between the airline and the Hungarian government, and the company’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, has repeatedly called Nagy an “idiot.”

A yellow button prominently featured at the bottom of Ryanair’s email, when clicked on, creates a pre-written message that their system will then email to the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office at

The pre-written English-language email, which is personally addressed to Minister Nagy, demands the immediate abolition of the tax, which the email claims will increase air travel expenses for Hungarian passengers and their families, and damage Hungary’s image and reputation in the European Union.

Ryanair announced that because of the tax, it would be adding an extra 3,900 Ft. (US $10.41) for all flights departing after July 1, even for those who had already paid for their tickets.

The government has launched a consumer protection investigation against Ryanair over the matter. [Magyar Hang]

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