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Teacher Demonstration Illustrates the Aging of Hungarian Education

The Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ) held a tableau-type demonstration on Saturday on Szalay Street in front of the building of the former Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI), which no longer exists in the new Orbán government.

As reported in Mérce, 100 teachers held up different-colored cards at the event according to the age range they represented, allowing viewers to see the proportions of each age group among the total.

The leader of the event, former PDSZ President Tamás Szűcs, said that the composition of the new government so far suggests that more such events will be needed. However, he is under no illusions that these demonstrations will change the world.

The problem is very big, and we see it best. If there is a problem, the least we can do is not be silent. We’re now showing the problem from above.

-said Szűcs, who then asked the one hundred instructors representing the teaching profession to display their different cards according to their age group.

Seven teachers under the age of 30 raised a blue card, as their proportion in Hungarian education is now 7%. 14 people held up a yellow card for the 30-40 age range, a proportion that has decreased 10% in recent years.

32 people held up a green card representing the 40-50 age range, while 47 educators, representing those over 50 years old, held up a red card. Tamás Szűcs claims that this number could reach 50% by next year. [Magyar Hang]

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