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Six-Day “Knowledge Walk for Education” Ends with Demonstration in Budapest

A demonstration on Saturday marked the end of a six-day “Knowledge Walk for Education.” Participants in the event walked a total of 180 kilometers from Miskolc to Budapest to draw attention to the problems of Hungarian education.

More than a thousand people were waiting for the marchers in front of Kölcsey High School on Saturday afternoon, where teachers and students gave speeches, reports Telex. The participants promised to continue their efforts, most immediately with another nationwide sit-down strike planned for January 31.

The Knowledge Walk started on Monday from Ottó Herman High School in Miskolc, covering an average of 30 kilometers per day. “By stepping out of one’s comfort zone, we show that there is no result without sacrifice,” said Tamás Szűcs of the Democratic Trade Union of Teachers, one of five marchers who completed the entire distance.

The participants crossed the Budapest city limits at Cinkota at 11:30am, where they were greeted with huge applause. From there, a large group accompanied the marchers to Örs Vezér Square, where hundreds of people then joined in.

“No teacher, no future,” they chanted on Kerepesi Road, where many drivers honked their horns in solidarity or even got out of their cars to applaud the marchers. [HVG]

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