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Hungarian Workers’ Party Holds Pro-Russian Demonstration at Russian Embassy

The Hungarian Workers’ Party held a demonstration in front of the Russian embassy on Saturday afternoon, reported Telex.

Although the current Workers’ Party is the successor to the former ruling Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party and is in theory a communist party, its permanent president, Gyula Thürmer, is in practice a supporter of everything Fidesz does, writes HVG.

Thürmer told those gathered that they supported the “struggle that Russia is waging,” which the West provoked by “wanting to exterminate” the Russians, and that Hungary and Russia were “on the same wavelength.”

He also called the Ukrainian government fascist, and said they, the elders, still remember what fascism was like. Although as Telex points out, as Thürmer was born in 1953 he would hardly have been able to remember it.

During Thürmer’s speech, the strong winds blew the Russian flag-decorated scenery onto him, but this didn’t particularly bother the Workers’ Party President. [HVG]

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