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Gov’t Withdraws Support for Ukrainian Aid Concert Days Before Event

A concert was planned to be held on the evening of June 16 at the Castle Garden Bazaar featuring Volodymyr Zelensky’s fellow actors. Weeks of organization have preceded the “Life Will Win” charity concert, with the Hungarian government as one of its partners. However, it has pulled its support less than a week before the event, Budapest’s District IX municipality told Telex.

The municipality took over the event at the last minute and found a new home for it in District IX’s Bakáts Square. The performance will feature members of the Kvartel 95 studio, who the Ukrainian president worked with on the set of “Servant of the People” during his acting days.

The charity concert is part of a European tour, with 12,000 people in attendance at a performance in Poland on Friday night. Concerts are also planned for Vienna, Bucharest, Berlin, Florence, Madrid, and Cascais.

District IX Mayor Krisztina Baranyi told the news site that the proceeds would be used for humanitarian and health care needs. [444]

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  1. Michael Detreköy

    An officially full blown diplomatic crisis between the Hungarian and Ukrainian government will not go completely unnoticed.
    But it won’t make any difference in the national media – after all, Orbán is “The Peacemaker, the man with the answers” and the poor, mislead, westernized people in Budapest have to have their democratic say about solidarity with Ukraine, sort of.
    Popular support for Orbán’s pretentious “peacemaking” stance (as if anybody ever recognized him in such a capacity) a creative stunt by govt. media, will steadily increase as a consequense.
    The ability to think and make desicions depends on generally available (native) information, the quality of which determines the outcome.

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