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Please Don’t Be Racist During Match, Says Soccer Captain to Hungarian Fans

Ádám Szalai, team captain of the Hungarian national football team, made a personal plea to Hungarian fans before tonight’s Nations League match between Hungary-Germany in Puskás Aréna, asking them in a video to refrain from making any expessions of racism or marginalization.

You know that we have one more suspended match behind closed doors, which we want to avoid at all costs. This is why I am asking you to avoid making any expressions of racism, avoid any displays of marginalization, as well as words or phrases that could cause us to have closed-door matches in the future, since you are the most important thing to us!

-said the striker in the video posted to Facebook.

Prior to last Saturday’s Hungary-England match in Puskás Aréna, the players of the English national team knelt down as usual as a sign of protest against racism and marginalization, which several reports noted was received by loud boos from the stands.

The Hungary-Germany match ended with a 1-1 tie. [444]

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