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Orbán: Cabal of Business Interests Wants to Prolong the War, While Only Hungary Wants “Peace”

“Peace is the easiest way to break the wartime inflation,” believes Viktor Orbán. In his latest Facebook post, the Prime Minister wrote that Hungary is practically the only country in Europe that is not talking about sanctions and war, but about the need for peace, “and we should be funding peace, not war.”

The European Union needs to change strategies, because if it keeps going on like this, we’ll be ruining ourselves with wartime inflation. And it’s in nobody’s interest for all of Europe to fall apart.

-wrote the Prime Minister in his post.

Orbán believes that that the EU will next adopt an embargo on Russian gas following the recently-enacted oil embargo, which he claims will wreck the entire European economy.

We have to fund peace and not war. And the instigators of war must be held back!

-he stressed.

As in his radio interview on Friday morning, the Hungarian head of government also mentioned George Soros:

It’s now quite obvious that there are businesses with interests in the war. George Soros symbolizes them: he speaks openly about the need to extend and prolong the war. These are war instigators, who want to make money off the war, while we are getting ruined, as well as all of Europe.

The Prime Minister did not mention that according to many experts, the war and its effects are not the only causes of recent inflation, which is also due to the government’s economic stimulus progam over the past few years and the enormous sums of government money given to voters this year before the April election.

Viktor Orbán also did not explain why the forint has been so weak for so long. The Hungarian currency is underperforming even its regional counterparts, writes Magyar Hang, because foreign investors are getting spooked that the Hungarian government wants to maintain its policy of official prices on certain items. [Magyar Hang]

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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Orbánomics make perfect sense in the Hungarian alternate reality. Outside Hungary, it doesn’t balance.

    • Steven

      I suppose he has to come up with an explanation to ordinary people why the prices keep rising, so they don’t blame him for it…

  2. 2bits4free

    I hope the EU is taking note of these latest outrageous comments by Orban- the man who speaks with forked tongue! He should be hauled before the powers that be in Brussels to explain how it is that he begs for money from the EU, while stoking hatred against it back home in Hungary.

    The man is an inveterate liar, unfortunately very good at pulling the wool over the eyes of his supporters, and good at passing blame on to others in order to avoid close scrutiny of his mafia organization`s nefarious activities, all carried out on EU moneys. He is now deflecting blame of Putin`s aggressive war, which means he does not support peace, but supports Putin, his paymaster. Thus he supports raping of women and children, and torturing and murdering them, along with thousands of innocent civilians.

    So through his support of Putin, by association Orban approves of liars, murderers, torturers and rapists of women and children. His government would no doubt enact many of the same atrocities if Hungary were not a member of the EU. That is at the bottom of his endless diatribes against Brussels, while begging them for money! I will never forget one of his goons declaring publicly how “his palms were itching” to get their hands on Orban`s critics!

    The declaration of a coward regime of greedy boors without an ounce of civic responsibility, masquerading as a “government”.

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