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Democratic Opposition Would Stop All Stadium Construction

picture of Groupama Arena

Sports is clearly an area of great interest to the Orbán government. Since coming to power in 2010, the government has spent hundreds of billions of forints on sport-related issues and even elevated the sports industry to a strategic economic sector, reports Népszava.

If the democratic oppositon wins next year’s elections, the head of the Democratic Coalition’s sport cabinet told the newspaper that they would stop all stadium construction, and would review and alter the TAO tax credit but not eliminate it.

Tamás Tóth said that the opposition wants to immediately halt the construction of football stadiums in Veszprém and Nyíregyháza, but would support building gymnasiums and developing a nationwide swimming pool project.

Regarding the TAO corporate tax credit system, whereby companies pay taxes to sports teams instead of the government, Tóth said that they would keep it as it is until the end of 2023. After that time, the democratic opposition would “clean” the tax scheme to remove the possibility of corruption inherent in the system, he stated.


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