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Hungary Gets Oil Embargo Exemption, but Orbán Still Not Satisfied

“Things don’t look good,” Viktor Orbán told reporters in Brussels on Monday. The Prime Minister acknowledged that they had just received the final text proposal of the sixth sanction package against Russia, which will cover Russian oil transported by sea, but not through pipelines.

This is a good solution for Hungary. It doesn’t throw an atomic bomb on the Hungarian economy.

-Orbán added.

The Prime Minister also said that rules for gas arriving through pipelines would be debated on and adopted at a later time.

Although there are good parts in the proposal, Orbán said that it was not enough of a guarantee for Hungary:

What causes a problem for us is if something should happen to the Russian oil arriving by pipeline, as the Ukrainians and others have already talked about, we should have the right to obtain it by sea. We need this guarantee. If we can get this, then we’re fine.

-he said.

The Prime Minister said that Hungary cannot make any extra profit because oil company MOL is being asked to make investments that will cost a lot of money, yet their products will be more expensive. In other words, he thinks that Brussels is asking the company to spend a lot of money on refinery construction, which will result in higher gasoline prices for Hungarians.

“This is insanity, it’s an atomic bomb. If anyone has to provide compensation, it’s not us, but the European Commission,” claimed Orbán.

Responding to foreign journalists, Orbán also denied that any compromise deal on sanctions had been made, and claimed that the European Commission’s “irresponsible behavior” had put Hungary in a difficult situation. [HVG]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    Hungary is the only country in EU using this pathetic and whining language, which tells all a great deal. The language used is also a thinly disguised cover for a mafia type shake down. As long as the EU puts up with this conduct, the future is fairly predictable.

  2. Istvan Kele

    EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, preaches false prophecy that she wants us to swallow, even if causing the destruction of Europe economies, resulting in high prices, world rescission and drastic decline of living standard! Von der Leyen, undoubtedly is an American agent and she is willing to destroy Europe as the US expect her to do. The US aim is to pushed Russia from the energy market, so the United States can be the sole dominant over Europe. This would result in an incredible danger! The US supplied liquid Gas, for example, would cost Europeans households 3-4 times more expensive, and with much higher pollution to the environment. Of course, Leyen doesn’t talk about these problems with an energy embargo against Russia. Most importantly, she is lying when she wants the Europeans to believe that such embargo would force Russia to continue with its operation in Ukraine! At exactly the opposite will happen: Russia have no problems to sell its energy at all to other countries, but this brainless child of energy embargo against Russia has already pushed the prices of oil and gas to an unprecedented level, and will certainly go even higher! The oil and gas embargo contemplated by the enemy of Europe, von der Leyen, will in fact help Russia, but it has a devastating result for Europe! Russia has this year earned more profit than all last year! If this is not enough proof to brainless idiots leading the EU, than, they should go see a doctor! Hungary, Slovakia, Austria cannot easily substitute the cheap Russian oil and gas, and should not, just because Leyen is determined to carry out the US plan! What Europe must do to kick these people out from the EU leadership, and elect the ones who will be interested in the welfare of Europeans, and not Ukraine or the USA!

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