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Fidesz Calls EU’s New Sanctions Proposal on Russia “Life-Threatening”

“Untenable, bad, and life-threatening” was how Fidesz Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Balázs Hidvéghi described a European Parliament proposal that would completely ban fossil fuels from Russia as part of a planned tenth EU sanctions package against the country.

The politician from Hungary’s ruling party said on Kossuth Radio’s “Sunday Newspaper” program that the Fidesz group in the European Parliament did not support the proposal nor take part in voting on the related resolution. The group opposed the proposal, according to Hidvéghi, because it is the umpteenth resolution on this topic in which they have to give their opinion on effectively “impossible wording.”

The text of the proposal, said Hidvéghi, calls on member states to deliver weapons systems such as tanks, fighter jets, and long-range missile systems to Ukraine. He added that, based on the false statement that “this is our war,” NATO and the Western alliance are becoming increasingly involved in this conflict.

“It is a fundamentally wrong approach [to claim] that Ukraine is fighting our war. This only foreshadows further escalation,” said the Fidesz MEP.

While the proposal calls on EU member states and candidate countries to support the tenth sanctions package, Hidvéghi argued that a complete and immediate embargo on all fossil fuel energy and uranium from Russia would result in a dangerous and unsustainable situation.

“These are proposals that do not bring the end of the war any closer, as they have not done in the past year. The intensity of the war has not decreased, but increased,” he said, pointing out that the proposal would mean “further suicidal steps that are harmful to us, that will slowly destroy our own economy, the safety and living conditions of Hungarians and other Europeans, or put them in grave danger.” [Magyar Hang]

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