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Instead of Weapons, Hungary Sends Communion Wine to Ukraine

Hungary is supporting Ukraine’s faith communities with a shipment of Communion wine, which is being sent to Ukraine with Polish assistance. State Secretary for Church and Nationality Relations Miklós Soltész saw the shipment off from Budapest on Monday, writes MTI.

Soltész pointed out that the war in Ukraine had resulted in heavy economic consequences, and sending items used in religious rituals, such as sacremental wine for Ukraine’s Catholic communities, are just as important as food, clothing, and medicine.

The Hungarian Catholic Caritas charity collected 500 liters of high-quality wine for liturgical purposes from the Diocese of Veszprém, the Diocese of Eger, and the Archabbey of Pannonhalma, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade will transport to Poland. From there, Polish Caritas will deliver it to Ukraine. [Népszava]

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