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Hungarian State Secretary Unhappy With Ukraine’s Suggestion of Damaging Oil Pipeline to Hungary

A Hungarian state secretary shot back at comments by a Ukrainian official who suggested threatening Hungary’s energy supply, reports HVG.

Speaking at a security forum on Thursday, an advisor to Ukraine’s energy minister said that Hungary was taking advantage of Russia’s war against Ukraine by blackmailing the European Union. Olena Zerkal claimed that the Hungarian government now feels it can ask for anything in return for not wrecking EU unity.

The Ukrainian advisor also mentioned the Druzhba (Friendship) oil pipeline, which supplies oil to Hungary through Ukraine, stating, “it would be very appropriate if something happened to this pipeline.”

Tamás Menczer, State Secretary for the Development of Bilateral Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, responded to the statement in a video posted on social media.

Menczer said he had had a personal meeting with Ukraine’s ambassador to Budapest, Lyubov Nepop, which she had initiated. The State Secretary told Nepop that Hungary was helping all those in trouble, but statements about attacking Hungary’s energy security were shocking and unacceptable. He informed the Ukrainian Ambassador that he had read Zerkal’s statement with great shock.

This is a shocking and unacceptable statement, and does not help the partnership.

-Menczer said. He added that the Hungarian government’s position on the matter was clear: the country’s energy supply is secure, and they will protect Hungarian families and the utility price cut policy.

State Secretary Menczer did not mention what topics the Ukrainian Ambassador had asked him to discuss. [HVG]

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