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Pro-Fidesz PestiTV Winds Down With “Boring” Live Broadcast and Farewell Party

PestiTV’s editorial office held an outdoor gathering on Saturday afternoon in the Gesztenyés Garden of Budapest’s XII. District to celebrate the end of the pro-government TV station. Several hundred people came to the park to bid adieu to the television channel, which was barely two years old, and which, according to “Political Hobbyist” host Zsolt Jeszenszky, was aimed at young people.

At the start of the event, the entire editorial staff of PestiTV, led by the editor-in-chief Gergely Huth, took the stage and thanked both each other and the audience for the past two years.

Two of PestiTV’s shows, “Quarantine Blog” and “Political Hobbyist,” were broadcast live at the Gesztenyés Garden party, whcih HVG described as “exactly them the same live as on TV: even with their vulgar jokes, they were boring and embarrassing.” [HVG]

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