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Prime Minister’s Daughter Gets Promotion for Her New Store in Magazine That Got 89M Ft. in Gov’t Aid

On the very day that Ráhel Orbán, the oldest daughter of Hungary’s prime minister, opened her baby shop in the Hegyvidék Shopping Center, an interview that strongly resembled a large advertisement for her new venture appeared in a design and lifestyle magazine called “Hype&Hyper.”

But it seems that it was not a coincidence that Ráhel Orbán chose to give an interview to this site to discuss her new store. According to Átlátszó, Hype&Hyper received substantial funds from Antal Rogán’s ministry through the Lajos Batthyány Foundation (BLA).

BLA regularly finances projects close to ruling party Fidesz. It was reported earlier this week that Rogán’s Cabinet Office provided 3.5 billion Ft. (US $9.6 million) to the Center for Fundamental Rights through the foundation.

Hyperandhyper Nonprofit Public Limited Company (Kkt.), which operates Hype&Hyper the site, received a total of nearly 89 million Ft. ($245,000) in 2019 and 2020 from the foundation to develop the online magazine.

Átlátszó writes that Hype&Hyper could not have been created without the government aid. The investigative news site also notes that the print version of Hyper is published by BL Nonprofit Kft., which is owned by the foundation. [444]

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