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“It’s Difficult for Us Because We’re EU Members,” Orbán Tells Serbian President

Viktor Orbán visited Serbia to attend the opening of the 89th Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair. “It is up to us rural people make sure the country and the land is cultivated,” he said, although HVG points out that the Hungarian Prime Minister, a lifelong politician, has never worked in the agricultural sector.

Speaking in the company of Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić, Orbán said that “these two countries are safe, whether we’re talking about natural gas or food products.” He added that “Serbia is well-prepared for the winter,” and “we are well on our way, but there are some decisions we still have to make.”

He then turned to Vučić and said, “it is difficult for you because you are not a member of the [European] Union, while it is difficult for us because we are members.” Orbán apparently did not provide any specifics as to why he found being a part of the EU “difficult.”

The Prime Minister reaffirmed that Hungary would not accept another round of sanctions against Russia, claiming that they would ruin the Hungarian economy. [HVG]

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