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Two-Thirds of Hungarians Want to Reduce Russian Energy Dependency as Soon as Possible

67% of Hungarians think that the EU should reduce its oil and gas dependency on Russia as soon as possible, reports Átlátszó. However, this was still far below the EU average of 85%, a new poll shows.

The European Commission conducted a comprehensive poll among EU citizens in April on support for EU responses to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The Portuguese were most in favor of cutting off Russian gas and oil, with nearly 100% of those surveyed believing that ending energy dependency on Russia was urgent. But a very high proportion of the population (over 90%) thought the same in Malta, Finland, the Netherlands, and Poland.

Comparatively, many fewer Hungarians were in support of the idea, which perhaps shouldn’t be a suprise when the Hungarian Prime Minister makes statements such as “it won’t help if we shut off Russian oil and gas and the Hungarian economy grinds to a halt three or four days later.”

Support for reducing Russia’s energy dependency was only lower than Hungary in Bulgaria and Slovakia, with 63% of the population of the former favoring the idea, and only 59% of the latter. [Átlátszó]

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