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Tabloid Reports Attempted Sexual Assault at Jobbik Event Last Year

Borsonline has accused a former, unnamed mayor of attempting to sexually assault the partner of Jobbik Vice-President György Szilágyi at a Jobbik event attended only by party leaders in rural Hungary at the end of last year. The tabloid claims that party President Péter Jakab and cabinet head Enikő Molnár then tried to hush up the affair.

Péter Jakab and the party reacted quickly to the news. A Jobbik statement did not deny the fact of an attempted sexual assault, only that the party tried to cover it up.

Jakab wrote on Facebook that the story from the pro-government media had been timed to coincide with Jobbik’s party congress over the weekend, where they will be choosing party officers. The party leader claimed that they would be taking the necessary legal steps to refute the untrue news.

However, György Szilágyi confirmed to Telex that the incident had occurred, and suggested that the party’s presidency did not want to deal with the matter. The injured party then felt obliged to turn to Jobbik’s ethical committee, which occurred 10 days ago. [Telex]

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