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Péter Jakab Resigns as Jobbik President

Péter Jakab resigned as president of Jobbik on Wednesday, he announced on his Facebook page.

For the movement to keep working, it needs a president the board can work with. It can’t with me, so I’m resigning as Jobbik’s president today.

-wrote the politician, adding that it didn’t seem to matter that he was re-elected as president by a 70% majority on May 7. He justifed his resignation by saying:

It has now become clear that the new board does not want to go down the membership path. I have not been provided with the majority to make necessary decisions, meaning that control of Jobbik has been taken away from me.

This remark may have been a reference to Jobbik Vice President Anita Potocskáné Kőrösi, against whom Jakab recently filed a complaint, claiming that Potocskáné Kőrősi assumed the powers of the party presidency in Jakab’s absence.

Péter Jakab will remain as Jobbik’s leader in Parliament.

Jobbik held an extraordinary board meeting on Wednesday night, with suspicion that Jakab’s presidency would also be on the agenda in the midst of widespread dissatisfaction in the party with his leadership and with those around him.

János Stummer challenged Jakab as party leader in their May congress, but fell short and subsequently left the party, stating that he did not “wish to be associated with” Jakab anymore. [HVG]

János Stummer Bows Out of Jobbik

After losing his bid for the Jobbik presidency at their congress over the weekend, then laying out his differences with re-elected President Péter Jakab the next day, János Stummer has decided he’s had enough of the party.

Today I leave the Movement for the Better Hungary (Jobbik). At Jobbik’s elections on Saturday, I offered a clear political alternative to Jobbik’s delegates at the congress, but most of them said no to the patriotic policies and organizational renewal I had proposed.

-wrote János Stummer on Facebook, who only ended up with 27.8% of the vote for party president.

On Saturday, it became clear to me that the political community that I had been a member and builder of for the past 13 years did not want to continue on the road that is conducive to the future of my country. I have kept my distance from the policies and leadership practices of Péter Jakab and his narrrow group thus far, but I do not wish to be associated with him in the future.

-continued Stummer, who added that he had no intention of forming a new party or political movement.

Stummer headed the National Security Committee in the last parliamentary cycle, but did not win a seat in Parliament in this year’s elections after losing a bid for his Békécsaba-based district. [444]

Jobbik is in “Very Big Trouble,” Says Stummer

After losing the election for president of Jobbik at yesterday’s party congress, János Stummer posted the speech he gave at the event on social media, which wasn’t very complimentary of the job done so far by re-elected Jobbik President Péter Jakab:

At the beginning of this speech, it is worth asking who the other presidential candidate is besides me at this congress, because it is not Péter Jakab. Dear Peter, we can say that over the past two years, it was not you leading, and not you directing this party. Four years ago, you wrote to me that you can speak, but you can’t lead, and the past two years have borne out your statement. You have spoken, but others have led and directed instead of you.

-wrote the former head of the parliamentary National Security Committee.

Stummer believes that the party should start by saying openly, honestly, and directly that they are in very big trouble.

The politician added that he believes Jobbik needs to return to the “national path,” and also change the internal functioning of the party. “There is a bad atmosphere, dark rooms, threats, retaliation, and fear in many people now. But it wasn’t always this way,” wrote János Stummer. [HVG]

Jobbik Re-Elects Péter Jakab as President

Péter Jakab was re-elected as Jobbik President at the party’s congress on Saturday, Jobbik announced in a statement.

The congress was not open to the public, but the party said that Jakab won 71.4% of the vote, while his lone challenger, János Stummer, only managed to get 27.8%. 245 delegates were at the event, with 243 valid votes cast.

Jobbik’s party congress was overshadowed by reports earlier this week of an attempted rape that allegedly occurred during a party event late last year. [Magyar Hang]

Stummer and Jakab to Battle for Jobbik Presidency Tomorrow

Jobbik is holding its party congress on Saturday, where it will elect new officers, writes HVG. Three party members originally declared their candidacy for the role: current President Péter Jakab, János Stummer, and Rudolf Nagy.

Nagy, however, didn’t garner enough support to make it to the final ballot, so tomorrow’s election will come down to Stummer, who was the chair of Parliament’s National Security Committee in the previous term and declared his candidacy back in April, and Jakab, who has led the party for the past two years.

12 candidates are running for the role of vice-president, writes the news site. [HVG]

Tabloid Reports Attempted Sexual Assault at Jobbik Event Last Year

Borsonline has accused a former, unnamed mayor of attempting to sexually assault the partner of Jobbik Vice-President György Szilágyi at a Jobbik event attended only by party leaders in rural Hungary at the end of last year. The tabloid claims that party President Péter Jakab and cabinet head Enikő Molnár then tried to hush up the affair.

Péter Jakab and the party reacted quickly to the news. A Jobbik statement did not deny the fact of an attempted sexual assault, only that the party tried to cover it up.

Jakab wrote on Facebook that the story from the pro-government media had been timed to coincide with Jobbik’s party congress over the weekend, where they will be choosing party officers. The party leader claimed that they would be taking the necessary legal steps to refute the untrue news.

However, György Szilágyi confirmed to Telex that the incident had occurred, and suggested that the party’s presidency did not want to deal with the matter. The injured party then felt obliged to turn to Jobbik’s ethical committee, which occurred 10 days ago. [Telex]

Jobbik Unknown to Take Péter Márki-Zay’s Seat in Parliament

The six-party democratic opposition coalition has decided to give Péter Márki-Zay’s seat in Parliament to Jobbik’s Noémi Végh, who is next in line on the opposition’s joint party list.

Márki-Zay, the opposition’s candidate for prime minister, won a seat in Parliament from the party list, but indicated after the elections that he wouldn’t accept it and instead keep his current job as mayor of Hódmezővásárhely. The opposition politician later indicated that he wanted Bernadett Szél to take his place.

444 was unable to find out anything substantial about Noémi Végh after looking for information about her online. [444]

Stummer Running for President of Jobbik

Jobbik announced today that it would be holding its party congress on May 7, where the party will be deciding its leadership for the upcoming term. Soon after the announcement, Jobbik MP János Stummer declared his candidacy for the party’s presidency on Facebook.

Currently the head of the parliamentary National Security Committee, Stummer won’t be a member of the next Parliament after losing to Fidesz’s Tamás Herczeg in Békés County and not getting a seat from the joint party list in the April 3 elections.

Stummer attracted media attention after the election with his criticism of Jobbik President Péter Jakab, who said that Péter Márki-Zay was responsible for the opposition’s disastrous showing. Stummer felt that they should rather be concerned with “self-examination and self-reflection” instead of pointing fingers. [Index]

Jobbik puts Roma politician on its party candidate list

picture of Ferenc Varga and Péter Jakab

Ferenc Varga is a very talented, pro-active, hard-working young man. ➡️ He has a degree in economics, and has led the Roma ethnic self-government in Szegvár since 2014.

-wrote Jobbik President Péter Jakab on social media as he introduced the party’s latest candidate. Jakab stated that the party wanted to run Varga as a candidate in the primary elections last fall, but the Roma politician declined the offer. Now, Jobbik is offering Varga a place on the joint party list of candidates being drawn up by the opposition coalition.

Feri! You have signed up for this job. It’s a tough task, and you didn’t ask for a seat for in Parliament for it. And that’s exactly why you deserve it.

-wrote the Jobbik chair.

In the televised debate for opposition candidates vying for the prime ministerial nomination on September 24 last year, Péter Márki-Zay asked the four other candidates to provide leading spots on the joint opposition list to members of the Roma community.

All of the other candidates pledged to do this except for Péter Jakab, who said he was not a fan of quotas. Jakab referred to this earlier comment in his Facebook post:

As I’ve said to you and to Péter Márki-Zay: I do not support quotas. Talent, however, I do. Regardless of origin.

Since the televised debate, Márki-Zay later won the opposition’s nomination for prime minister, and has repeatedly brought up what the other candidates pledged to do during the debate.

Jobbik’s announcement is the party’s response to him, and Márki-Zay himself acknowledged this in a comment he left on Jakab’s post, writing:

I pay respect to Jobbik’s decision, as I consider it extraordinarily important that Hungary’s gypsy population are given real representation in Parliament. Good luck, Ferenc!