Anonymous anti-government messages appear as billboards

The mysterious anti-government messages that suddenly appeared on advertising pillars on Tuesday are now popping up on billboards in Budapest, reports HVG. The only words written on these billboards are, “The people can not be banned, but the government can be replaced.”

anonymous billboard

The anti-government campaign appears to be an attempt to get around the new billboard law that took effect in mid-July. The news source suspects that the Jobbik party, working with Lajos Simicska’s Mahir advertising company, is behind the campaign, although both sides deny any arrangement between them.

Hungary’s Residency Bond Program is “alive and well”

A sponsored article has appeared on promoting Hungary’s controversial Residency Bond Program, claiming that it is “alive and well.” The article noted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s remarks on Hungarian State Radio on Friday that the government would not give in to demands from opposition party Jobbik to cancel the program.

Orbán commented on the issue “in response to rumours that the program might end on 8 November.” Although Orbán feels the Residency Bond Program is “worth reviewing,” he stated that there has not been a decision to cancel it yet.