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Dialogue Wants Gov’t to Make Fudan Referendum Unnecessary

The opposition’s planned referendum on Fudan University and unemployment benefits is expected to be held in October or November, but Dialogue is also attempting to resolve the issues on the referendum through legal amendments.

Politicians Bence Tordai and András Jámbor told Magyar Hang that they would be completely satisfied if Fidesz made the referendum unnecessary by resolving the relevant issues to their satisfaction, similar to what previously occurred with the proposed “Nolimpia” referendum.

Dialogue’s Tordai said that they were now hoping that “Fidesz will sober up” and save the cost of having to hold a national referendum on the opposition’s two issues. After all, he said, the referendum itself is not the point, as their goal is to solve the problems it represents.

The government has submitted documents to the parliamentary Justice Committee estimating that holding the referendum would cost 13.59 billion Ft. (US $37.6 million). [Magyar Hang]

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