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Péter Jakab Resigns as Jobbik President

Péter Jakab resigned as president of Jobbik on Wednesday, he announced on his Facebook page.

For the movement to keep working, it needs a president the board can work with. It can’t with me, so I’m resigning as Jobbik’s president today.

-wrote the politician, adding that it didn’t seem to matter that he was re-elected as president by a 70% majority on May 7. He justifed his resignation by saying:

It has now become clear that the new board does not want to go down the membership path. I have not been provided with the majority to make necessary decisions, meaning that control of Jobbik has been taken away from me.

This remark may have been a reference to Jobbik Vice President Anita Potocskáné Kőrösi, against whom Jakab recently filed a complaint, claiming that Potocskáné Kőrősi assumed the powers of the party presidency in Jakab’s absence.

Péter Jakab will remain as Jobbik’s leader in Parliament.

Jobbik held an extraordinary board meeting on Wednesday night, with suspicion that Jakab’s presidency would also be on the agenda in the midst of widespread dissatisfaction in the party with his leadership and with those around him.

János Stummer challenged Jakab as party leader in their May congress, but fell short and subsequently left the party, stating that he did not “wish to be associated with” Jakab anymore. [HVG]

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