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DK Wants to Question Justice Minister Varga in European Parliament’s Pegasus Committee

The European Parliament’s select committee to investigate the use of Pegasus spyware will begin work next Tuesday, and it should become clear at the first session that “there will be consequences to the illegal surveillance and wiretapping of innocent civilians, journalists, businesspeople, and politicians,” according to MEP Sándor Rónai from DK, who has been chosen as vice-chair of the committee.

Rónai said that the committee would examine all abuses associated with the surveillance software over the next few months, adding that they planned to visit Hungary as soon as possible and personally glean information on the country’s involvement in the Pegasus scandal.

He hopes that the committee will question Justice Minister Judit Varga, whose deputy, Pál Völner, signed the warrants to permit the use of Pegasus on civilian targets. [Telex]

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