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Rónai Chosen as Vice-Chair of Pegasus Committee in European Parliament

The European Parliament has set up a 38-member select committee to examine the use of Pegasus surveillance software in several EU countries, and whether such use violates EU law. DK’s Sándor Rónai will serve as the committee’s vice-chair, but Fidesz’s Balázs Hidvéghi is also on the body.

MEP Anna Donáth of Momentum announced that:

The Hungarian government was the first to acknowledge that it abused the spyware designed for anti-terrorism.

Donáth also stated that “the Hungarian government used it against any opponent of the regime,” adding:

The government has done everything it could to hush up the matter. Fidesz boycottted a session of the Committee on National Security, avoiding having to give answers to questions.

-said Donáth about the spyware created by the Israeli NSO Group. Donáth also said that the Pegasus affair was “not a Hungarian, but a European issue,” and it shouldn’t be dealt with in EU member states as an internal matter. [Index]

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