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Opposition Politicians Want to Question Justice Minister Varga in European Parliament Over Pegasus

Representatives from Hungary’s political opposition in the European Parliament have initiated the process to request that Justice Minister Judit Varga appear before the committee investigating the use of Pegasus surveillance software in EU Member States.

Momentum MEP and party President Anna Donáth said at a plenary session of the European Parliament on Wednesday that Varga should be questioned by the committee in a public hearing that would be broadcast live, as “politicians, civilians, and investigative journalists were surveilled and eavesdropped with her knowledge and permission.”

At the same time, Donáth will also have the committee request and examine wiretapping warrants, “as it very much seems that a significant number of them were not needed at all – they simply eavesdropped on their political opponents so they could stay in power.”

As the vice-chair of the Pegasus committee in the European Parliament, DK’s Sándor Rónai will likewise request a hearing for Judit Varga and her state secretary Pál Völner. [Magyar Hang]

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