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Dialogue to Replace Entire Leadership

The entire leadership at the head of Dialogue for Hungary will now be replaced after Tímea Szabó said she would not be running again for the co-chair position at the party’s congress, expected at the end of summer or early in September, has learned. She shared the decision with her colleagues in Dialogue in a closed Facebook group on Wednesday.

Szabó wrote that she made this decision after fellow Co-Chair Gergely Karácsony similarly said he wouldn’t be running again.

Justifying her decision, the politician representing Óbuda said that although Dialogue was able to increase its number of MPs in the election earlier this month and form a six-person group in the next Parliament, Dialogue and its presidency also have to take responsibility for the opposition’s electoral defeat as one of the six parties in the coalition.

However, the news site writes that Tímea Szabó may still become leader of the new Dialogue parliamentary caucus. [HVG]

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