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Brown Drinking Water, Smell of Sewage – Opposition Vows to Fix Public Services

picture of Rebeka Szabó and two supporters

The united opposition coalition will fix Hungary’s ailing public services if it takes charge of the country, said the deputy mayor of Budapest’s Zugló district in a press conference streamed live on Facebook.

Rebeka Szabó, United for Hungary’s joint candidate for Pest County’s 10th electoral district from the Dialogue party, said that the quality of all public services had deteriorated because of the government’s “insane centralization” policies.

As an example, Szabó mentioned that in the town of Pilis, in the district where she is running, brown water frequently comes out of the tap, water pressue in the region is often low, the swell of sewage pervades the area, and waste collection is insufficient.

The opposition politician believes that the reason for this is a lack of resources, which causes public utility infrastructure to constantly deteriorate.

A Dialogue government will change this by, for example, reducting the amount of VAT on water, which will provide additional revenue to service providers and thereby start improvements.

-said Rebeka Szabó about her plans to improve public services.

[Magyar Hang]

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