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Dialogue Leaves Parliament During Orbán’s Inauguration Speech

Dialogue MPs voted against electing Viktor Orbán as prime minister, and the party’s politicians left the Chamber as Viktor Orbán delivered his speech after the election, said party caucus leader Bence Tordai.

In voting against the man who has been prime minister since 2010, Tordai said that the party was representing the two million people who supported the opposition list in April, as these voters did not want to see Viktor Orbán continue as the head of government.

The politician justified his party’s departure from Parliament by saying that the Prime Minister “did not share anything” with people before the parliamentary elections about what kind of future he intended for the country. As a result, voters did not know what they were voting for, nor did they “give any specific mandate to Viktor Orbán and his party.”

Another member in the Dialogue caucus, András Jámbor, said that the planned ministry structure shows that the government doesn’t have any long-term plans for leading the country out of the current state of emergency. [HVG]

Dialogue Wants Gov’t to Make Fudan Referendum Unnecessary

The opposition’s planned referendum on Fudan University and unemployment benefits is expected to be held in October or November, but Dialogue is also attempting to resolve the issues on the referendum through legal amendments.

Politicians Bence Tordai and András Jámbor told Magyar Hang that they would be completely satisfied if Fidesz made the referendum unnecessary by resolving the relevant issues to their satisfaction, similar to what previously occurred with the proposed “Nolimpia” referendum.

Dialogue’s Tordai said that they were now hoping that “Fidesz will sober up” and save the cost of having to hold a national referendum on the opposition’s two issues. After all, he said, the referendum itself is not the point, as their goal is to solve the problems it represents.

The government has submitted documents to the parliamentary Justice Committee estimating that holding the referendum would cost 13.59 billion Ft. (US $37.6 million). [Magyar Hang]

Dialogue to Replace its Entire Leadership

The entire leadership at the head of Dialogue for Hungary will now be replaced after Tímea Szabó said she would not be running again for the co-chair position at the party’s congress, expected at the end of summer or early in September, has learned. She shared the decision with her colleagues in Dialogue in a closed Facebook group on Wednesday.

Szabó wrote that she made this decision after fellow Co-Chair Gergely Karácsony similarly said he wouldn’t be running again.

Justifying her decision, the politician representing Óbuda said that although Dialogue was able to increase its number of MPs in the election earlier this month and form a six-person group in the next Parliament, Dialogue and its presidency also have to take responsibility for the opposition’s electoral defeat as one of the six parties in the coalition.

However, the news site writes that Tímea Szabó may still become leader of the new Dialogue parliamentary caucus. [HVG]

Dialogue Will Run Its Own Candidates in 2024 EP elections

Dialogue is maintaining its alliance with MSZP, but will run its own candidates in the European Parliament elections in 2024, Dialogue MP Bence Tordai said in an interview with Telex on Tuesday. “There’s no change, but it’s not rational for them or for us to run joint candidates in the EP elections,” he said.

The green party’s main candidate will be Benedek Jávor, and they have their own message, he told the news portal.

With Budapest Mayor and Dialogue Co-Chair Gergely Karácsony planning to step down from the party’s leadership, the mayor has said he prefers Tordai to take over as his successor. [Magyar Hang]

Dialogue plans to increase popularity by becoming a political movement

picture of Bence Tordai

Dialogue MP Bence Tordai (pictured) gave a friendly interview to the VIP, the green party’s own online newspaper. Among other things, he discussed how the party was working on increasing its popularity, which remains under 5% despite the fact that its candidates won in seven electoral districts during the primary elections in the fall. According to the politician:

We have started a movement within the party called ‘Strong Dialogue.’ My hope is that we’ll be able to shift into functioning as a movement.

For Dialogue, “functioning as a movement” would mean addressing young people by strengthening the “logic of embeddedness,” and of course, part of Dialogue’s mission is to represent women and the Roma society.

The point is that “we have to open ourselves beyond the media-supporting, elitist, and internal logic typical of all Hungarian parties,” said Tordai, who soundly defeated DK’s Olga Kálmán in the Budapest District II primary election.

In addition, Tordai feels it is a political success that Fidesz has started to promote itself in green terms.

Even in Hungary, communicating on environmental topics has become a mandatory part of politics, and the ruling party cannot get away from this. At the same time, however, what we see them doing on a day-to-day basis has very little to do with saving our planet.

-stated Bence Tordai.


Dialogue calls for immediate Parliamentary action over Völner

picture of Olivio Kocsis-Cake

Opposition party Dialogue has called for the Parliamentary Immunity Committee to convene over the case of Pál Völner, who resigned as State Secretary in the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday.

Olivio Kocsis-Cake, deputy chair of the party (pictured), highlighted in an online press conference on Wednesday that Pál Völner resigned only as deputy minister and state secretary, but not as a Member of Parliament. He stated that Völner could not be prosecuted until his immunity was waived.

If the committee does not meet this week, Parliament’s plenary session next week will not be able to rule on the suspension, and the decision may be delayed for several months due to the Christmas break.

-said the opposition politician.

Kocsis-Cake also thinks that the role of Pál Völner’s superior, Judit Varga, should be examined, since the Minister of Justice “deeply trusted” her former State Secretary. For that matter, criminal proceedings should be investigated “all the way to the Prime Minister, as he was involved, and had known about it for a long time,” claimed Olivio Kocsis-Cake.

On Tuesday, Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt requested waiving Parliamentary immunity for Pál Völner, stemming from an ongoing investigation into accusations of bribery and other crimes against the Fidesz politician.

That same day, Völner released a statement announcing that he would resign as state secretary, although he did not acknowledge any criminal responsibility.

Fidesz later announced in an official statement that it would vote to waive Pál Völner’s immunity.


Karácsony to lead Dialogue party list, but will remain mayor

picture of Dialogue press conference

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony will lead the party list for Dialogue in next year’s elections, the party decided at its congress on Saturday. This means that he will be in the top spot among politicians from Dialogue to appear on the common opposition list for the elections.

Péter Márki-Zay, the prime ministerial candidate for the opposition, recently told Index that he wanted the prime ministerial candidates to appear on the opposition list in the order that they ended up in the primary elections in the fall. If this holds true, Gergely Karácsony will be in the third place on the joint opposition list next April.

However, in a press conference after the congress, the mayor stated that his candidacy is symbolic and he has no intention of entering Parliament in 2022.

Karácsony said that still has work to do in Budapest, but together with a government led by Péter Márki-Zay, who views local government as an ally, not a thing to crush.

On the Dialogue party list, Karácsony is followed by Rebeka Szabó, the Deputy Mayor of Zugló, while third place goes to Olivio Kocsis-Cake, currently a Member of Parliament in the Dialogue caucus, followed by Roma politician Sándor Berki and Adrienn Jakál, a municipal representative from Sopron.

The Dialogue Congress also decided that the party would not promote politicians who won their primary elections in individual Parliamentary districts. As a result, the party did not place primary winners Tímea Szabó, Bence Tordai, and Dávid Dorosz at the top of their party list, expecting them to win their individual seats in the general election.

The opposition’s joint prime ministerial candidate was also present at the announcement. Péter Márki-Zay tried to reassure anyone who was worried that the opposition unit would crack, which he said was out of the question.

The entire unity of the opposition is getting stronger day by day

-said prime ministerial candidate Péter Márki-Zay.