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Medián: Opposition Likely to Sweep Budapest

picture of Péter Márki-Zay and opposition leaders

The united opposition has a 14-point lead over ruling party Fidesz in Budapest, according to a new Medián poll. Hungary is set to go to the polls in two-days’ time to elect 199 representatives to the country’s National Assembly.

Medián’s latest poll was conducted in parallel with a separate survey published on Wednesday showing Fidesz with a dominating lead nationwide. Few respondents from the Hungarian capital were included in the national poll, they wrote.

The 1,000-person representative sample of voters was conducted between March 23-28 based on an “omnibus”-type survey, which showed the following level of support for each party in the capital:

  • United for Hungary coalition – 43%,
  • Fidesz-KDNP – 29%,
  • Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party – 6%,
  • Our Homeland – 3%.

Additionally, 19% of Budapest voters were either unable or unwilling to say who they planned to voter for, although 85% said they were planning to cast a vote, indicating a higher level of voter intent than the national average.

The polling company noted that although the survey did not take a look at each individual electoral district, the data suggest that it does not seem unrealistic for the joint opposition to make a clean sweep of all 18 electoral districts in Budapest.

Medián’s poll also asked respondents about mayoral preferences, with results showing that 50% of voters would re-election current Mayor Gergely Karácsony, while 31% would vote for a generic Fidesz candidate.

Karácsony’s support in the poll conforms with the 50.86% of the vote share that he won in the 2019 mayoral election, and is also a major improvement on his 35% level of support in 2020.

A similar 19% of respondents answered that they were either not sure of or wouldn’t say who they preferred as Budapest mayor when presented with the two options above.


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