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Teacher Union Rolls Eyes at Orbán’s Talk of “Gender Madness” in Schools

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He’s banging on open doors. There is no ‘gender madness’ in schools and kindergartens, so there is nothing to stop, just as there are no classes on gender reassignment and other nonsense that the Prime Minister says we should be afraid of. There is also no basis for the questions in the referendum, so if this is what is preventing them from finally providing decent pay to those working in public education, we can reassure them that their concerns are unfounded, and that action can be taken immediately on increasing teacher wages and reducing workloads.

-according to a statement directed to Viktor Orbán by the Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ), who added that “the unions are ready to strike a deal.”

PDSZ also asked the Hungarian Prime Minister to “put an immediate end to his campaign against workers in kindergarten and public schools and the retalitory measures taken against those on strike.”

Viktor Orbán campaigned for the Fidesz-KDNP local candidate, Gábor Pajtók, in Eger on Wednesday, where he demanded that “gender madness must be stopped.” The Prime Minister said that “such ridiculousness” must not be allowed to make its way into Hungarian schools.

The PDSZ statement was a specific response to another comment the Prime Minister said at the campaign event on Wednesday, where he said:

What we expect from teachers, what we expect from schools, is not to re-educate our children. We have never given the right to anyone else to determine for us when and how to confront our children with these very difficult life questions.


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