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Polish President Says Orbán’s Policies Will End Up Costing Hungary

picture of Andrzej Duda

After holding talks with Joe Biden in Warsaw, Polish President Andrzej Duda (pictured) gave an interview to TVN24, who asked about Hungary’s and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s policy on Russia.

I have a hard time understanding the situation. It was not Orbán who made Hungary dependent on Russian energy, which is not only a problem for Budapest, but for other European countries as well. But his policy will end up costing Hungarians a lot.

-said Duda.

President Duda isn’t the only Pole who has been dissatisfied with Hungary lately. On Friday, the leader of the main governing coalition Law and Justice party (PiS), Jarosław Kaczyński, told Reuters, “If you ask me if I’m happy with him, then no. But I’m waiting for the elections, we’ll see after the elections.”

According to HVG, Hungary may become isolated if the country’s friendly relations with Russia begin to weaken its strong ties with Poland, as until now the two Central European countries have bonded together in certain cases against the rest of the EU.

Another Visegrád country, the Czech Republic, also sent a message on Friday: Defense Minister Jana Černochová indicated that she would not be traveling to Budapest to meet with other V4 defense ministers.

The Czech minister justified her decision by saying that she did not want to take part in Hungary’s election campaign, but she also expressed regret that “cheap Russian oil is now more important to Hungarian politicians than Ukrainian blood.”


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