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Czech Defense Minister Skipping V4 Meeting Over Hungarian Position on War

picture of Jana Černochová

Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová (pictured) has decided not to come to Hungary for next week’s meeting of V4 defense ministers, as she announced on Twitter.

Černochová wrote that elections were being held in Hungary next week, and the minister does not want to take part in the election campaign, adding:

I have always supported the V4 and I am very sorry that cheap Russian oil is now more important to Hungarian politicians than Ukrainian blood.

On Friday, one of Orbán’s former major allies, Polish Law and Justice party President Jarosław Kaczyński, also expressed displeasure at the Hungarian government’s lack of opposition to Putin.

Kaczyński commented that he was “not happy with the way the Hungarian government is behaving towards the Russians.”

[Magyar Hang, 444]

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