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Hungary’s Relations with Poland May Be Beyond Repair

“It may seem that Orbán won another four-year rule with two-thirds of seats in Parliament owing to the war in Ukraine, but he lost a friend” over the conflict, writes 444.

“Not only did he lose a friend, but he lost a partner, indeed, a comrade-in-arms in the person of Jarosław Kaczyński, the head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party.”

“Orbán’s most important ally also said that if Orbán continues on this path, it would not be possible to maintain Polish-Hungarian cooperation in its previous form.” [444]

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  1. 2bits4free

    Well thank God for small mercies.
    Now Orban will have to travel a bit further East to ever more violent and corrupt countries to find new mafia mates.
    He seems to like nothing better than to hang out with murderers, such as Putin.

    Even in these terrible time, there are some snippets of good news and the fact that his V4 is now just a little old V1, with pudgy little VO as the one and only member, is pretty good news not just for Hungary, but for Europe.

    But why isn`t the EU sending monitors to oversee that their latest funds, earmarked for refugee relief, will not turn into yet another “gift” directly to Orban to fill his ever hungry and capacious pockets.

    I can just hear him say “Oh more lovely money from the EU! For little old moi? How very kind you are in Brussels! Now let`s see, which of my buddies needs a new apartment in New York? Or a villa along the French Riviera. What`s that you say? Hospitals in Hungary need funding?
    Piffle! My family and I receive excellent care in Switzerland, and elsewhere. What a lot of nonsense all this complaining about the health system.”

    • Steven

      Orbán’s allies in Slovenia and France also lost their election bids today too, so this hasn’t been a great month for Orbán in terms of his foreign aims.

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