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Orbán Apparently Unaware “Actor” Zelenskyy Also Has Law Degree

picture of Viktor Orbán

In a long interview with Kossuth Rádió on Sunday, Viktor Orbán said that his position on Ukraine was morally correct, that stopping gas and oil supplies from Russia would put Hungary back 8-10 years, and that the European Union was responsible for half of the country’s high inflation.

But he also talked about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who, in a video played for participants at the EU summit in Brussels last week, castigated Orbán for not unequivocally standing up for Ukraine and opposing Russia.

In the interview, radio host Katalin Nagy commented that the remarks by Zelenskyy, previously a comedian and actor, may have been a “staged scene,” prompting Orbán to say the following:

Well, I continually feel that a good portion of European politics is made up of staged scenes. There is nothing special about it, and you still have to take such things seriously. And everyone… I’m a lawyer, that’s where I come from, and I live with the knowledge that I gathered in the legal world. And an actor lives and works with the knowledge that he has gathered as an actor.

-responded Viktor Orbán.

Telex, however, pointed out two small flaws in this reasoning. One is that despite the fact that Orbán graduated from the Faculty of Law in Eötvös Loránd University in 1987, he has never actually worked as a lawyer. The Prime Minister’s other oversight was that Volodymyr Zelenskyy also has a law degree, which he received in 2000 from the National University of Economics in Kyiv.

And like Orbán, Zelenskyy has never worked as a lawyer. According to his official biography, the President has been an actor, screenwriter, and producer since 1997.

He gained famed performing in the television comedy “Servant of the People” as a young history teacher who ends up becoming president due to a combination of circumstances. When he actually ran for the presidency himself, the party behind Zelenskyy was named after the TV show. On April 21, 2019, he was elected as President of Ukraine.

Ever since Volodymy Zelenskyy personally went after Viktor Orbán on Thursday, the Ukrainian President has been attacked by pro-government figures such as “influencer” Philip Rákay and Fidesz MP Gyula Budai.

[Népszava][Photo: Viktor Orbán / Facebook]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    The irony of the “actor”, Orban acting his way as the voice of reason, let alone his pretense of legal thinking is-of course- not grasped by Orban, let alone the regime faithful. He continues to manufacture fake facts i.e the EU is
    responsible for “half” of Hungary’s inflation. To date, Orban has never returned the very significant EU subsidies to “reduce” that inflation! Zelensky -what ever his short comings- is everything that Orban will never be i.e. a genuine democratic and courageous leader, let alone a much more talented dancer!

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