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Fidesz Voters More Worried About “Gender Lobby” Than Inflation

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Hungarian voters consider health care as the most serious problem facing the country, but many also voluntarily mention inflation and making ends meet, according to the results of a Závecz Research poll commissioned by

But if “gender lobby” is included among the possible options to choose from, Fidesz voters will rank it second behind “immigration,” despite the fact that only rarely did anyone voluntarily mention the main issue addressed in the government’s referendum.

An important caveat to the results is that data collection for the representative survey concluded on February 23, the day before war broke out between Ukraine and Russia.

Voters for the united opposition list viewed health care and corruption as the most serious problems in the country, but these were also closely followed by inflation and, to a lesser extent, low wages and pension benefits. Voters for other party lists and those who don’t identify with a party likewise ranked all other issues ahead of the gender lobby.

The same poll also asked respondents how they felt about how the pandemic was managed, revealing that more people were satisfied with the government’s efforts in this area than those who were not.

Regarding the two main candidates for prime minister, Hungarian voters viewed opposition leader Péter Márki-Zay less corrupt than current Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

The poll was conducted between February 17-23 through telephone interviews with a 1,000-person sample, representing the electoral population of the country in terms of age, gender, education, and location. The variation between the poll results and the presumed results of polling the entire country was estimated at no more than 3.2%.


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