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Poll: 90% of Transylvanian Hungarians Support Fidesz

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A new poll released yesterday shows support for Fidesz-KDNP among Hungarians in Transylvania at 90.8%, reports news portal This is close to what polls found four years ago, as well as in the run-up to the April 3 parliamentary elections.

Polling company SoDiSo Research also found that the opposition’s joint party list could expect to win 1.9% of the vote in Transylvania, while 7.3% of those polled are still undecided as to which party list they will cast their vote for.

The leader of the opposition coalition, Péter Márki-Zay, is known to only 61.8% of Hungarian voters in Transylvania, according to the poll. Just 7.6% of respondents trust him, and 54.2% hold a negative opinion of the prime ministerial candidate for United for Hungary.

The title of the least-liked Hungarian politician in Transylvania, however, goes to Ferenc Gyurcsány. 91.5% of Transylvanian Hungarians are familiar with the the chair of the Democratic Coalition, but 81.6% do not have a good opinion on him.

The poll was conducted between January 21-February 17, 2022, through a random sample of 1,309 people, and with an estimated 2.8% margin of error.

[Magyar Hang]


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