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Around 30,000 Have Signed Up as Opposition Ballot Counters

picture of Hungarian polling station

A total of 30,000 people have now registered as opposition delegates to ballot counting committees for Hungary’s elections on April 3, reported Népszava from data provided by civic group Twenty-Thousand for a Clean Election in 2022 (20k22).

However, the official numbers are currently less than this, as Népszava points out that not all of those who have registered as ballot counters will be able to carry out the duties involved.

“Candidates and nominating organizations” had delegated a total of 15,000 ballot counters by last Friday, and the National Election Office stated that they “could exercise their rights after they take an oath or vow.” This Friday is the deadline to set up official ballot-counting delegations.

20k22, supported by the six opposition party coalition, set a goal of finding at least two people for all of Hungary’s 10,243 electoral districts that could be designated as ballot counters for the opposition, and who will monitor the voting process as it takes place on election day.


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