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Hungarians Prefer a Change of Gov’t Over Keeping Current One

picture of opposition leaders on stage

In a new Publicus Institute poll commissioned by Népszava, 42% of Hungarians want the united opposition coalition to take over leadership of the country after the election, while 39% hope ruling party Fidesz will continue governing.

However, when asked which party they intended to vote for in the April 3 parliamentary elections, 32% of respondents did not give a definite answer.

Népszava claims that this apparent uncertainty explains why the Fidesz-KDNP coalition is expected to win 33% of the vote to 31% for the united opposition, despite the fact that a relative majority is hoping for a change of government. All other parties register only a few percentage points of support, and therefore would not gain parliamentary representation.

The war in Ukraine may have caused a shift in party allegiances: on February 24, the day the war broke out, Fidesz was up 5% over the united opposition. But this latest poll shows the ruling party now only has a 2% advantage, having fallen to 33% support versus United for Hungary at 31%.

444 reports that the IDEA Institute also showed a similar result in its latest poll.



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