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Opposition Initiative on Track to Provide 20,000 Ballot Counters

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More than 15,000 people have already registered to be ballot counters in next year’s Parliamentary elections, Zsolt Molnár told ATV Híradó. The politician from the Hungarian Socialist Party sees progress towards attaining their goal of 20,000 ballot counters by the time elections roll around.

In the previous election in 2018, there were either too few or no ballot counters in a significant number of electoral districts. As a result, the opposition parties are now making efforts to have at least two counters in each district next spring through the Twenty-Thousand for a Clean Election in 2022 (20k22) initiative.

The goal of the 20k22 initiative is to “prevent electoral abuses and irregularities” and promote joint recruitment, training, and delegation of ballot counting applicants in the six-party coalition. The ballot counters will provide a tally of possibly election incidents as well as an alternative aggregation of electoral results.

[Magyar Hang]

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