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Opposition Parties Call for Convening Defense Committee Over Drone Incident

picture of crashed drone crater

Opposition members of Parliament’s Defense and Law Enforcement Committee, Ágnes Vadai (DK), Tamás Harangozó (MSZP), and László Lukács (Jobbik), called on Speaker of Parliament László Kövér to instruct committee chair Lajos Kósa to convene the committee immediately, they jointly announced in an open letter on Sunday.

The politicians claim that Kósa canceled the meeting without explanation less than 24 hours before it was planned to start, with the topic of the fallen military reconnaissance drone as the main topic of discussion.

As previously reported, the drone passed through Hungarian airspace for about 40 minutes before entering Croatia, where it crash-landed in Zagreb.

In the last few years, every time you have arbitrarily denied us from taking the floor, and illegally punished us because you believed that this served the authority and dignity of the House. However, we now have a problem that truly affects Parliament’s authority.

-write the opposition MP to László Kövér in their letter. They added:

The unprecedented incident took place more than a week ago, in which a Soviet T-141 operational-tactical reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle entered Hungarian airspace and passed through it for 40 minutes. This 6-ton drone eventually crashed in a populated area of ​​Zagreb.

But for more than a week, Hungarian authorities have not provided any information to Hungarian citizens other than saying that the device, which was allegedly equipped with an explosive device, was detected, followed, and monitored.

On several occassions, we have tried to convene the relevant committee, Defense and Law Enforcement, but the chairman of the committee either did not convene it, or, if he did convene it, canceled it without explanation less than 24 hours before it was to start.

The MPs added that Russian aggression against Ukraine posed a threat to Hungary:

Credible and regularly-supplied information about such an incident would improve Hungarian citizens’ sense of security. However, the chairman of the Defense and Law Enforcement Committee constantly sabotages the sessions. One can rightly wonder if he is doing this because the current government wants to hide something from Hungarian citizens, and as a result stops the competent committee in the National Assembly from being informed. This is dangerous! It’s dangerous for Hungarian security, but it poses a threat to the authority of the National Assembly as well.

-states the open letter to Speaker Kövér. [HVG]

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