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Opposition Wants to Know How Armed Drone Flew Over Hungarian Airspace for 40 Minutes

picture of crashed drone crater

We are waiting for an answer from Viktor Orbán as to how a drone carrying a bomb could have spent 40 minutes in Hungarian airspace.

-wrote opposition parties DK, Jobbik, LMP, Everybody’s Hungary Movement (MMM), Momentum, MSZP, and Dialogue in a joint statement as United for Hungary.

The opposition coalition expects an immediate and decisive response from Viktor Orbán as to whether the Hungarian Defense Forces are capable of defending Hungary after a TU-141 drone passed through Hungarian airspace undisturbed for 40 minutes on the evening of March 10, eventually crash landing in Zagreb, Croatia. According to the Croatian Defense Minister, the drone had been carrying an explosive device.

They also asked if Hungary’s Gripen fighters had inspected the drone in the air, and if not, why they didn’t.

The party alliance wrote that if the Hungary did in fact detect the drone, then claiming that they considered it not to be a threat is not an acceptable explanation. “This is not ‘strategic calm,’ but neglecting a public danger, and dilettante governance,” they stated.

The united opposition demanded a clear answer from the ministry and the Prime Minister as to whether they were aware that the TU-14 was equipped with a bomb. They also called on the government to draw the appropriate consequences from it.

The unmanned aerial vehicle crash-landed near a Zagreb dormitory on Thursday evening at a little past 11:00pm, slamming into the ground near Lake Jarun. The area was then closed off that evening. No one was injured in the incident, with damage only occurring to parked cars nearby.

However, it later turned out that the drone had been carrying an explosive device. NATO is holding an extraordinary ministerial-level meeting on Wednesday, where omissions committed by Hungary and Romania in connection with the drone will be discussed, stated the Croatian Defense Minister. [Magyar Hang]

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